About Leave No Stone

Leave No Stone is fed by curiosity, creativity, collaboration and a love for visual storytelling.


To provide educational resources and inspiration for photographers, artists and creatives who want to learn how to tell stories and make a successful living doing it.

To provide a commercial services to help others communicate their work and passions thorough artistic and authentic storytelling.


phrase: Leave no stone unturned
definition: to do everything you can to achieve a good result,
especially when looking for something


A note from Ria Mishaal {founder}
Storytelling is older than the hills. It ‘s how we have communicated cultural and moral values, entertained and educated each other for thousands of years. Beautiful narrative representation is not necessarily about fiction, it can originate from the honest and sincere, the creative and collaborative. The sharing of stories is what binds us together.

In my work as a professional full time wedding photographer, I create a collection of images that tells not only the chronological narrative of the day but a story that is infused with the character of the couple, with subplots of what is important to them, beyond the objective events to make something truly meaningful. Before my life as a photographer, I was a research scientist, and I was fully aware of how difficult it was for those of different disciplines to get their messages understood by the wider public and industry partners. I saw again and again how stories were a powerful tool to promote understanding and interaction.

Today we are able to reach people from all different walks of life, and we work constantly to engage them with our messages. Through storytelling we can make an apparently unfamiliar message captivating. A carefully sculpted narrative that can say so much more about the subject and promote cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural understanding and connection. Learning how to tell better stories with more depth and significance is something that I am passionate about. I have been using this approach in my commercial work and collaborative projects for a few years, and those experiences led me to creating Leave No Stone – a space to explore these concepts in more detail.

In today’s world, a lot of our communication is done through images, and there is an emphasis here on visual storytelling, but LNS aims to bring together the experience of other voices, from the world of written and spoken words, to explore how stories are told better in those media and how to combine and collaborate with different creatives and industries to communicate messages more effectively.



Curiosity, creativity and collaboration are principles I want to live by. Having loved my university and research study, and being a self-professed lifelong learner, I am passionate about education. I’ve taught science at university level, and photography to small groups of professionals, both for the Royal Photographic Society and the Beloved Collective, and there is nothing like the feeling of communicating transferrable skills and knowledge to enable advancement.

In Leave No Stone, I wanted to create a space where I can share my journey and the lessons I have learnt in building a business on storytelling. I offer the opportunity to take part in courses I run on better storytelling and business for the story telling artist.

As artists, our creativity and inspiration stem from the interplay of our experiences, personalities and individual perception of the world. Just like a blackbird turning stones over in search of food, an artist should strive for that continuous source of inspiration.

We are surrounded by people so different from ourselves who can open our eyes and inspire us to create something unique. Bringing together creatives in different fields, Leave No Stone also becomes a place for things that we find and do that inspire us, a place to invite and connect with other artists from any creative walk of life. I hope you are entertained, excited and inspired by something you find here.

If you would like to contribute your inspiration to our collection here, Leave No Stone would love to hear from you. Do write us a line with things you’d like to share.

Leave No Stone commercial storytelling projects
As a team, we offer services to help individuals, projects and organisations tell captivating stories about who they are and what they do.


  • Commercial photographic storytelling for advertising

Example work: Collections for wedding industry designers

  • Authentic photographic portraiture that accurately depicts you and your story

Example work: Collections for musicians

  • Collaborative projects between photographic and broadcasting specialists to create multimedia packages telling the story of events for promotion and relating purpose

Example work: European Water Lives Conference



ria-mishaalRia Mishaal {founder}

Ria is an artist and photographer, exploring the capture of light and love in still images. She loves trees, authenticity, and working with her hands. She likes to be organised. She loves to get lost in stories, breathing fresh air and learning.

Ria Mishaal’s Website | Ria on Intagram | Ria on Twitter

Official biography: Ria Mishaal is a full time wedding and lifestyle photographer who lives in Hampshire. She is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society for whom she also teaches, a Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and a Certified Beloved Photographer and Teacher. In 2014, she was a regional finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards.

Ria also holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. Her specialisation was studying plasticity in the nervous system in response to injury. She taught and lectured at university level at the universities of Cambridge and Leicester, England.


jake-snaddonJake Snaddon

Jake is an ecologist who grew up in the forests of Belize. He’s a photographer with a love for building matchbox cameras. He’s an entomologist, an explorer, a gardener of allotment vegetables.

Jake Snaddon’s Website | Jake on Instagram | Jake on Twitter


helen-scalesHelen Scales

Helen is a writer and broadcaster who is drawn to the life aquatic. She loves sewing dresses, growing veg, and those surprising things you only find by looking carefully. Her artwork combines intricacies of the natural world with a delight in scene-setting and storytelling.

Helen Scales Website | Helen on Facebook | Helen on Twitter