Helen Scales {writer & broadcaster}

Helen Scales is an author and regularly broadcasts on national radio, publishes podcasts and writes for key science blogs and magazines.

Helen was planning a redesign of her website and blog in to a single site, so we planned to do a beach shoot to provide new and fresh images to populate the pages. Helen and I had taken a few images once before for the author image which adorns the hardback version of her first book, but while being one of the most self-assured broadcasters I know, she was a little nervous about a whole shoot centered on her. I reassured her that it would be fun and that we would be in surroundings which made her most happy.

Helen had given me a brief for the shoot which showed her at work, writing in her trusty notebook that goes everywhere with her, and also portraits which captured her personality. She brought along a few other props, which are her trademarks for anyone who knows her well – her brightly coloured satchel and books. The bright splashes of colour against the subtle beach palette worked so well.


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