Double Take {multiple exposures}

To me there is an ethereal nature to the quality of these images.  Something that really speaks to me. A little while ago, I discovered these double exposure images, done for the most part in camera. Two different artists using a similar technique, producing images with a different feel.

Christoffer Relander, the first of the two, describes his method: ‘All images are done “in-camera” while shooting with a Nikon D700. After processing, the contrast and tones were adjusted’.

The second artist, Dan Mountford, uses medium format to create his stunning portraits. All Dan’s images are created in camera, with post production work consisting of ‘a change in tone, the removal of odd blemishes’.

When I first discovered this technique, I decided to have a go myself using the in camera multiple exposure settings on the Nikon D700. You can see some of my efforts below too!

Christoffer Relander


Dan Mountford

dan-mountford1danmountford-2dan-mountford21I originally discovered these two artists via Colossal (an incredible Art & Design blog….go look!)

Here are the multiple exposure portraits I created in camera with the D700.

Ria Mishaal

multiple-exposures-ria-mishaal-01 multiple-exposures-ria-mishaal-02multiple-exposures-ria-mishaal-03

Have you tried this method of multiple exposure portraits? We would love to see the results if you have, and could feature your work on here. Drop us a note in the comments below.

Ria Mishaal
Ria Mishaal is an artist and photographer, exploring the capture of light and love in still images. She loves trees, authenticity, and working with her hands. She likes to be organised. She loves to get lost in stories, breathing fresh air and learning.

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