Animation to inspire

It is haunting, arresting and beautiful. It was directed by Heidi Stohr, and animated by her, Daniel Snaddon, Chris Ntuli and Sifiso Motaung for City Slang Records in Germany.

I came across this music video for ‘Great White Bear’ by the band Dear Reader when Jake came back from visiting his cousins in South Africa. One of them, Daniel, had worked on the incredible animation seen here.

I absolutely love the feeling of the animation, the way the story board nature of production, the beautiful parallel stories, the tragedy and the nuances you pick up after watching in several times. A stunning production that is, well, inspiring.


Ria Mishaal
Ria Mishaal is an artist and photographer, exploring the capture of light and love in still images. She loves trees, authenticity, and working with her hands. She likes to be organised. She loves to get lost in stories, breathing fresh air and learning.

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