I don’t know.

I love Lisa Hannigan’s music. I’ve been to a couple of her concerts, first time was at the Royal Festival Hall in London. As she filled the enormous room with the power of her voice I realised that no matter how much I like her albums, hearing her live was something else entirely. She played an incredible version of Personal Jesus that gives me shivers just remembering it. And when she sang a traditional Irish folksong unaccompanied, dedicated to her parents who watched her from one of the boxes, I bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The second time I saw her was at a tiny venue, the Norwich Arts Centre, a converted church. That time it wasn’t her power that overwhelmed me but her passion for what she does. Just like me she’s a geek who stands up there and gives it her all.

I also love her music videos. They always appeal to my quirky side. Here’s one of my favourites.


Helen Scales
Helen is a writer and broadcaster who is drawn to the life aquatic. She loves sewing dresses, growing veg, and those surprising things you only find by looking carefully. She delights in scene-setting and storytelling.

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